App overview & User Interface

What do I get with my initial purchase?
Non subscribers can explore the App including the accommodation and service provider pin locations (no details) and  have full access to the offline maps and offline turn by turn voice navigation system. This navigation does not use 3G or WIFI and does not use any data, saving you data charges and costs associated with apps such as Apple or Google Maps. 
Once you subscribe to one of the 3 subscription options you have full access to the App’s functionality as outlined below:
Routes: Build your planned trip route using locations from our extensive waypoint database of caravan parks, free camps, rest areas and national park campgrounds, or add your private places. Decide if your route is kept private or viewable by friends. View your friends’ routes as an overlay on your route map or as a list. Then you can select and add their places and dates to your route. A ‘Report My Location’ function creates a GPS accurate pin for friends to view with a date. Save your route map to Camera Roll, Facebook or Twitter.
Parks & Places: View and search for caravan parks & campsites, rest areas and free camps. Access the address of local equipment suppliers, hire companies and repairers. Do this either through the database or use the online local search option to find just about any local service including medical services, tourist spots and government service points. Our database of places includes loads of information to help you plan your trip, including facilities, contact information with links if available, user reviews and user-submitted photos checked by our Outback Touring moderators before publication. You can also rate sites and add them to your personal favourites list or share with other users. Travellers and park owners can update the ‘Vacancy’ status of caravan parks and campgrounds to assist others in choosing their next destination. While on the road the App can search for parks ‘near me’ to help plan the next leg of your trip.
Friends: See all the public members who have offered to share their journals to all members. Request friendships or search for someone. Use your own friends’ lists to view contact details and send an email or iMessage from within the App. 
Journals: Access a daily journal capturing editable text, audio and photos. Text and photos can be shared and an individual journal can be shared via email, iMessage or Facebook. List all your daily journals and export them via email. Choose whether your journals are public, shared with friends or private.
Settings: Add your profile details, including emergency contacts and a profile image, to share with approved friends. Use the ‘Assist’ resources and the in-App help system to chat directly with the Outback Touring team for support and assistance. 
Offline: Use the App offline to keep building or editing your route, view and search the places details, create journals, and much more. Offline maps and offline turn-by-turn voice navigation: Australia wide maps are included in the App. Use the offline maps for turn-by-turn voice navigation. No need for a 3G or wi-fi network. For the offline navigation function, an iPad with a 3G SIM slot is required as it has the built-in GPS.
The user interface is divided into four menu zones that are consistent across the five function screens. The left hand menu panel enables you to move between these five function screens. The tabs at the top of a screen access any major sub-functions available for that screen. The context sensitive search box is also at the top of each screen.   NOTE: the default text in this search box outlines what information can be searched for within that section. Where appropriate, a BACK button will appear in the top right corner or right-hand menu panel. The right hand menu panel allows content and display options to be selected. NOTE: tapping on the logo at the top right of screen exposes a pop-up menu of update, support and feedback options. The UPDATE TO/ FROM SERVER option will immediately update your journal, route, friends and personal settings. The area available to view the map can be expanded by hiding the right hand menu panel. Tap on the >> in the middle of the border between the map and this menu panel to toggle the size of the map. Additional options are attached to pins displayed in the central map zone of the screen.  These are accessible via a pop-up menu by tapping on a pin. Maps may be moved around the screen by sliding a finger in the desired direction. Maps may be expanded or contracted by expanding or pinching the space between two fingers touching the screen. Use two fingers to also rotate the map. Screens that display maps also have an option to display either a satellite or line drawn version by selecting the viewing options in the bottom right corner of the map display. Menu options will change when the App detects that the iPad is on-line or off-line. When your iPad has internet access via WiFi or your mobile phone network the App can access Apple’s online mapping functions and also transfer data between the App and our online database. When you are out of range of WiFi or your mobile phone network the App automatically switches to its off-line mode.  In this off-line mode you can access the off-line navigation options via the PARKS screen and use the App as a turn-by-turn navigation tool without requiring continuous internet access. This off-line navigation mode is also accessible at any time by tapping on the logo in the top right corner and choosing the DATA FREE NAVIGATION option.  You can also use it at any time to navigate to a desired location by tapping on the map pin that marks that place and choosing the DATA FREE NAVIGATION option.
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– how to search in a particular town
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