Notes on Parks & Places

Sites listed as camps are either sites that are removed from roads, sometimes many kilometres away along dirt tracks, or areas set aside in towns, often associated with showgrounds and parks.
Rest areas are sites beside roads.  On divided roads they are sometimes only accessible in one direction. Rest areas are convenient, can be noisy beside roads travelled at night by trucks and road trains and often fill up each afternoon with travellers looking to stay over night.
Free camps and rest areas without amenities require self contained vehicles with grey water tanks and toilets.  There are often no litter bins so if staying at these sites expect to take all of your waste and rubbish with you when you leave.
Free camp sites ofter involve a final drive along dirt tracks, sometimes for many kilometres with few places to turn around if you change your mind. If you choose to stay at a remote site ensure that you have all of the supplies, including water, you need and your vehicle is low enough to pass under low trees.