The ROUTE screen is where you plan your trip and update it once travelling.  This screen also displays any ‘Friends’ routes that are shared with you. Friends routes may be individually displayed via the toggle buttons or scrolling list in the right-hand menu panel. Your current location as determined by your iPad’s GPS, is shown by the blue flashing symbol.

When you tap on the ‘REPORT MY LOCATION button in the right-hand menu panel a pin will be placed on this blue symbol and the current date and time will be attached to it. You also have the option of dragging this pin elsewhere and modifying the date by tapping on the pop-up box above it. Create a route by adding places by dropping a Private Place pin onto the map via the ADD PLACE button. Waypoint pins can also be added from the PARKS map screen, search results, PARK DETAILS screen Pins can be deleted and their order changed by viewing the route as a list via the VIEW ROUTE AS LIST button.

Tapping the ADD PLACE button will drop a pin into the centre of your current map view. This pin can then be dragged to the location you choose. You can also zoom in on the map to place the pin precisely at road junctions or points of interest.  If pins are hiding map details use the HIDE ALL PINS button to make all pins invisible. Tap again to display the pins. Tapping on the pop-up box above a new pin will open a menu where you can choose to make the pin public or private so only you and people you share the route with will see it. Nominate pins as ‘private’ when you want to add them to your route immediately.  Nominate a pin as ‘public’ if you want to share this location with other App subscribers. If you choose to make the pin ‘public’ you will then be directed to a form where you add details of the location and submit your request.

All public pin requests are reviewed by a moderator and if approved are added to the public location database that all users of the App can access via their PARKS screen. Moderation may not happen immediately and you will need to update your local database on your iPad from our server via the CHECK FOR PARKS AND PLACES UPDATES button in the SETTINGS tab on the SETTINGS screen before you can add this new Public place to your route. Each pin placed on the map will be added to the end of your current route and the App will access the online Apple maps tool to draw the most efficient path between it and the previous pin. You can force the path between pins calculated in Apple Maps to change by adding additional pins at key road junctions along your preferred route.  These additional waypoints can be moved to their appropriate place in the route by reordering the waypoints in the list displayed via the VIEW ROUTE AS LIST button. Tapping on established pins along your route exposes a different pop-up menu which allows you to delete, edit or duplicate the pin.  Duplicating a pin will create another pin at exactly the same location. Tap on the pin to toggle between them.  Duplicating a pin can be a useful shortcut to create a return leg of a trip.  Use the VIEW ROUTE AS LIST option to shift duplicated waypoints to their correct positions in the route waypoint list. The current map view of the route can be shared as a JPEG image via email or Facebook by tapping on the share icon at the top right of the map screen. VIEW ROUTE AS LIST

Tapping the VIEW ROUTE AS LIST button replaces the map screen with a list of waypoints in your current route. The distance between each waypoint, as calculated by Apple maps, is shown under the name of each waypoint. The expected arrival and departure dates for each waypoint are shown next to its name. NOTE: the total calculated distance for the route is displayed in the heading at the top of the route list. Individual waypoints can be quickly deleted by swiping left to expose the DELETE button. Tapping on the waypoint name exposes the form where the name and descriptive text for that waypoint can be edited. Tapping on the dates to the left of a waypoint name allows you to enter and update the expected dates that you will arrive and depart that waypoint. Toggling the EDIT ROUTE button in the right-hand menu panel also enables waypoints to be reordered by dragging the line symbol at the right of each waypoint name to the desired location in the list.

Multiple Routes
Create, edit and manage multiple routes.

To save your current route as a saved route, go to ‘View Route as List’>Tap on ‘Manage Routes’ in the right hand menu>Enter the name of the trip/route and tap ‘Save’

To switch to a saved route,  go to ‘View Route as List’>Tap on ‘Manage Routes’ in the right hand menu>Tap on the name of the saved trip and confirm that you want to open it and replace your current route.

To create a new route, first save your current route then delete your current route places. Video…..

The PARKS screen displays the locations of accommodation and service providers in our database. The numbers displayed on the map represent the number of options clustered in various regions of Australia.  These groups separate into their individual locations when you zoom into the map by expanding the gap between two fingers. The different categories of service providers can be individually toggled on or off via the right-hand menu panel.  Each service provider category is represented by a different coloured pin. Tapping on a pin exposes a pop-up menu where you can add that place to your route or get further information about it, including contact details, user reviews, ratings and photos.  Use the GO BACK button in the right-hand menu panel to return to the map view. This pop-up menu also offers two options to navigate directly to this location.  Choose NAVIGATE TO to switch to Apple Maps if you will have mobile phone network coverage, or use the DATA FREE NAVIGATION option to use the Apps off-line GPS based navigation mode. Return from the off-line navigation mode by selecting another screen from the left-hand menu panel and then returning to the ROUTE or PARKS screens. The right-hand menu panel on this detailed location information screen allows you to rate the accommodation or service provider, write a review, add photos of this place or send out an update on the number vacancies still available when you arrived. Text in the different sections on this details screen can be hidden or displayed by tapping on the heading for each section.  Swiping up or down in the body of the text will scroll through any additional text.  There is a map window at the bottom of this information screen which shows the address of the current service provider.  Use the two finger squeeze method to zoom in on this map to show more of the surrounding streets. Favourites – You can also add places to your list of favourites by tapping on the gold STAR in the right-hand menu panel. Favourite places can then be listed separately in the VIEW AS LIST screen by tapping on the STAR at the top of screen. Accommodation or service options that have grossly misrepresented their capabilities can be reported directly to an App moderator by tapping on the red REPORT button. Accommodation and services location pins can be viewed as a list via the VIEW AS LIST button. Toggling the buttons in the right-hand menu panel will create a smaller targeted list. Alternatively, the list may be reordered via the NEAR ME button at the top of screen to show the places nearest to your current location at the top of the list.  The distance from your location to each place or service provider is shown under each business address. Favourite providers can then be listed separately by tapping on the STAR at the top of screen. You can also share the details of this accommodation or business on Facebook or by email using the SHARE button at the top right of screen. Finally, place or service provider names or locations may be found using the search box at top of screen. Entering accommodation types (e.g. campsites in national parks) will narrow searches. The other way to localise the list of accommodation and service provider names is to choose LIST ALL IN CURRENT VIEW.  This option will return the names of all pins visible in the current view of the map.  Zooming in or out on the map will change this list. The LOCAL SEARCH tab at top of screen changes the search box function from searching in the App’s database to searching in Apple’s list of local businesses and service providers.  The scope of this search is automatically limited to the current map view. So, to expand the search, zoom out on the map.  Alternatively zoom in on the map to  create a more local search. The ADD PLACE button enables you to submit a new accommodation or service provider for evaluation to add to the App’s public database.   All ADD PLACE submissions, reviews, new photos and user reviews are checked by staff moderators before being approved for the database.


The FRIENDS screen is where you manage the people who share their routes, trip progress and journals with you.  The MY FRIENDS tab lists existing friends and gives you access to their shared journals. NOTE: friends may be removed by swiping left on their name. The REQUESTS tab lists pending ‘friends’ requests. NOTE: friend requests may be removed by swiping left on their name. The PUBLIC MEMBER tab lists all members who have chosen to make their profile public. These members may also have elected to make their journals available to all subscribers.  You may only send a ‘friend request’ to a Public Member. A Member must accept your request before you are friends and can access the information shared by that member. To send a Friend Request – go to the PUBLIC MEMBER tab and use the search function to find the subscriber using their name, mobile phone number or caravan registration number. Once found, tap on the FRIEND REQUEST button beside their name. NOTE: Iconic routes that traverse particularly interesting parts of Australia are listed as ‘Iconic route #’ in the Public Member list. Sending a friend request to an Iconic Route will automatically be accepted. Coming Videos… 🙂 View your approved friends, share contact details, send inapp iMessage and email to your friends. View Journals and Routes of friends and see a public list of public members, some with public journals. (with video) 1. Overview. 2. Public Member and finding your friends, search by name, mobile or van rego number 3. Friend Request sent and received 4. Viewing a friends journal 4. Removing a FriendSettings

The SETTINGS screen is the first screen that a new user visits once they have opened their App for the first time.  A new user must fill in the mandatory fields and register their profile before they can access the other function screens and the additional tabs on the SETTINGS screen. NOTE: you cannot register as a new member if your iPAD is not connected to the internet via WiFi or your mobile phone network. As a registered ‘member’ you can explore the App, including the accommodation and service provider pins and use the off-line navigation.  You cannot create a route, journal or any reviews until you subscribe using one of the three options discussed below. The PROFILE TAB in the SETTING screen contains 2 important options. The BUY NOW button gives 3 options to unlock all of the functionality of the App. The 3 months’ subscription is designed for members who are planning a shorter trip and who want to explore the App’s functionality without committing additional funds.  Once the 3 months subscription expires you can renew it at a later time in preparation for another trip. The 12 months subscription is aimed at travellers who are planning a long trip around Australia. Again, once the subscription expires you can renew it at a later time in preparation for other trips. The 10 year subscription is best for travellers who plan regular trips and want to access their journals, photos and private place pins once they return home as a lasting memento of their journeys. The PROFILE TAB also contains the DELETE MEMBERSHIP button which, when tapped and confirmation given, will delete the member’s account and all of the associated private information.  NOTE: information made publicly available my a member will not be deleted. Private information is retained for lapsed subscriptions in case a new subscription is purchased in the future, however lapsed subscribers may still access the DELETE MEMBERSHIP button to explicitly delete their private information. The SETTINGS TAB enables you to change your privacy settings, report misuse and update the map data stored on your iPad to the latest version. NOTE: the App’s databases are several megabytes in size so they are best updated when connected to the internet via WiFi. The ASSIST TAB  contains the contact details and links to organisations that supply useful information for caravaners and travellers in Australia. The APP HELP TAB contains help files to assist users of this App.  There is also a CONTACT US button at the top of this screen.  Tapping this button when you are connected to the internet will initiate a chat session with one of our App moderators. So in summary….. Journal as Public means all users will see your text and photos in journal entries. Journal as Friends means only your approved friends will see your journals. Journal as Private and no one sees your journals except you. Route as Friends means only your approved friends will see your route details Route as Private means only you see your Route details. Show my Name in the Members List will list your name as a Public member and allow other subscribers to ‘Friend’ you. Display my Profile in the Caravan Australia App (or Grey Nomads App) when turned on, ensures that your profile and sharing settings will also be listed in the companion App.